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Greenish Waffle Palettes
Greenish Waffle Palettes
Greenish Waffle Palettes
Greenish Waffle Palettes

Greenish Waffle Palettes

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This greenish waffle palette is made up of:

- Standard size: 15 iridescent and glitter watercolors (city, anthius, hope, bean, gem, forest, avocado, lime, maui, crystalline, aquamarine, turquoise, celeste, island, tommy);

- Small size: 12 iridescent and glitter watercolors (tommy, island, celeste, turquoise, aquamarine, crystalline, maui, avocado, forest, city, hope, anthius );

-Mini size: 8 iridescent and glitter watercolors (anthius, hope, avocado,crystalline, aquamarine, turquoise, celeste, forest)


GDColor Watercolors is 100% handmade from high quality pigments.  Each pan is poured, then dried, and the process repeated two or three times until full and ready to go to packaging. The process is about two to three weeks for each pan.

I apologize for every visual imperfection of the watercolor; every handmade product is unique!

It is possible that the color is slightly different from reality, due to the distortion of the photo/video made and the screen in which it is displayed. 

Feel free to write me for any information, I will be more than happy to answer you :)

Thank you for supporting my small business ♡